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Point of Retreat Book Review

Point of Retreat - Colleen Hoover

Well, this did end better than it started...a lot better. Most of the book annoyed me and I was ready to give it a two star rating, but then part two happened and things actually became someone interesting.


Book two, told in Will's point of view. Layken and Will are finally together and with Lake in college they are able to be public about it. They have their struggles and hardships like all relationships. But then the past comes to present, will their relationship be able to hold.


I honestly hated Layken for most of this book. She's over dramatic, childish, and gets mad about everything. Ugh. Super frustrating.


The writing style really isn't my favorite. Its very simplistic with a ton of unnecessary sentences, I didn't find myself really feeling for these characters.


I'm going to give one of Hoover's newer releases a chance to see if her writing has improved since these first books of hers. I know a lot of people really like this author so I'd probably recommend to reader's based on that.