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Afterworlds Book Review

Afterworlds - Scott Westerfeld

First initial reaction to Afterworlds? This book is long....its well written, unique and fun for writers and bloggers but long. As its really two books in one its about 600 pages and around 300 I was feeling a little bit bored. But the ending made up for it. I really loved the endings, especially since the book made a big deal about endings. So, for that, I give it four stars.


Darcy completed her first novel, Afterworlds in one month through Nanowrimo. A year later and she's off to NYC with a publishing contract and the dream of a lifetime. But the dreaded edits await, and meeting Imogen only makes her want to explore and eat NYC daily.


Lizzie lives the words. After experiencing a horrific terrorist attack she now see's the dead. Ghost follow her around and secrets become unveiled. Life will never be the same for Lizzie.


This really is two books in one. Told in separate POV's neither having to do with the either. And I think that might be a drawback for some people. But those who have written a novel (such as myself) can really appreciate what Scott Westerfeld is doing here. It's quite genius really.