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Tempting The Best Man Book Review

Tempting the Best Man - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout

After reading Stone Cold Touch I just wanted to read more by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Yes, I'm a little obsessed. This is my first of her new adult books and I actually quite enjoyed it. Its not a very unique story but its fun, hot, and the perfect length - only just over 100 pages but really doesn't need to be any longer.


Madison's brother is getting married and her and his best friend, Chase are forced to share a room together for the week. Madison has had a life long crush on Chase but old feelings are hard to come by. The two have to try to survive the week together without killing one another first.


Like I said, short and hot. I was invested enough in the characters to buy the second one on my Nook, though I'm sure its about another Gamble brother - I'm curious to see which one. Definitely recommend for someone looking for a decent NA book to read.