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Heart of the Matter Book Review

Heart of the Matter - Emily Giffin

Emily Griffin knows how to write her characters. And because of that I will be reading all of her books (or most likely listening to them).


Tessa has led a normal life with her plastic surgeon of a husband and her two kids. Her friends and family always there for her. When one day changes all of that and her world comes crashing around her.


Valerie's life is crushed when her son is victim of a bad burn on his face and hand. But if it wasn't for her sons injury she never would have landed eyes on the plastic surgeon that changes her life forever.


This was extremely interested hearing the POV'S of two women from completely opposite lives. I really did like both Tessa and Valerie even though the affair was obviously not the right thing to do.


Fans of contemporary novels are bound to enjoy anything Griffin writes.