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Prisoner of Night and Fog Book Review

Prisoner of Night and Fog - Anne Blankman

While I enjoyed this book it definitely doesn't live up to par with Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire. However its creepiness and difference in reading about what it would be like to live in Hitler's household kept me interested and intrigued.


Gretchen has grown up safe and carefree in the household of Uncle Dolf, aka Adolf Hitler. But when her she finds out her father may have been murdered by one of his own she is no longer safe. Daniel a neighborly Jew makes her realize even more just how unsafe she really is.


This is definitely a scary look at what someone related to Hitler may have gone through as he rose to power. Living with a psychopath and fearing that anything you can say will be used against you. I do thin Gretchen was very naive most of the time but probably realistically so.


While an exciting look into the Nazi's and Hitler this was a little slow at points and the story dragged a bit. I was ready for action and a bang of an ending. It will be interested to see where this story goes for Hitler is about to rise to full power.