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The Silkworm Book Review

The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith

I can't decide if I liked this better than the first. I'm not a huge mystery reader so this series is a breath of fresh air in a way and enjoyable because J.K Rowling just knows how to write.


Cormoron Strike is back when Leonora Quine asks for his help in finding her missing author of a husband. Though he quickly finds out that Owen Quine is one to get up and leave on several occasions. Is this just another one of his run-a-ways or has something truly happened to Owen Quine.


Parts of this book are quite disturbing and make you cringe. Which I rather enjoyed reading, it made the mystery seem more realistic. However, about half way through it started to drag. And, I was a little disappointed in the end and found it rather anti-climatic.


It'll be interested to see if Rowling can pull of seven Cormoron Strike books like she did with Harry Potter. I'm certainly not as invested in them but the characters are interesting enough.