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What to do with a Bad Boy Book Review

What to Do with a Bad Boy - Marie Harte

Well, I wasn't expecting much. But, this was just dumb. The title doesn't really match the book at all because the main character is the least thing from a "bad" boy. There were some hot scenes throughout but other than that nothing great.


Mike, a mechanic and father to his young son, Colin, has been missing his wife for the past several years. Her death has hit him hard. But when Delilah shows up he finds him self finally wanting to get into a new relationship.


Now, this is a part of a series, and the fourth one. I have not read 1-3 and don't plan on it. I'm probably missing very little - expect maybe some character development with Mike's family.


I'm sure there are some romance fans that love this kind of thing. Just not for me.