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The Trap Book Review

The Trap - Andrew Fukuda

What a bizarre finale to a bizarre series. I just don't know. Too dark, too gross or too disturbing? The Trap was a huge let down for me and I feel like nothing actually happened in the end. No real resolve, no huge answers. No happy feeling that things will be okay in the end.


Sissy and Gene are doing what they can to survive. Find answers, save their friends and finally defeat the Duskers. But when a big discovery is made everything is about to change. And Ashley June is at the heart of it, Gene might not be able to save them this time around.


There are some good parts and I didn't hate this book per-say. The first half felt like it was Gene and Sissy falling into darkness over and over again. The second half just left me feeling disappointed. So many strange things in this series, a town full of women run by fat men, humans being tested by evil scientists, etc. And it all is left rather unanswered.