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Underworld Book Review

Underworld - Meg Cabot Snoreeeee....talk about a boring sequel. Could seriously be the ending of book one, Abandon and put into about four or five chapters. At least the ending was decent enough. Peirce Olivia is in the Underworld with John. Not dead this time, just held there for her own safety. Stuck contemplating whether or not she wants to stay in the Underworld, Peirce's decision will end up not affecting only herself but everyone she knows. Nothing happened. The first fifty or so pages took me forever to get into it. Peirce has become the most obnoxious character in this book. And I liked her in book one. John is overbearing, over protective quite frankly, an ass. I hope the third book makes up for this because these characters have become insufferable and a pain to read about.