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2015 Reading Goals

I beat my 200 goodreads goal by reading 202 books in 2014. SUCCESS! And am setting my goal to this for 2015 as well. I am fairly happy with how many nonfiction and juvenile books I read. My biggest accomplishment was definitely writing my first young adult novel and even starting my second. And now, here are my goals of 2015!


1. Read graphic novels. Something I've never done. With Superhero's being this years summer reading theme I've figured now was the time to start. Juvenile, young adult, and adult. Though, I will mostly focus on juvenile books.


2. Read as many Newberry award winning novels as I can. I stole this from a friend. I'm going to start from the new ones and work my way down. This is to continue my juvenile book goal from last year.


3. Read game of thrones. A goal within its own because its such a massive series that I've been putting off.


4. Focus on reading classics. This will be hard for me, but I'm going to try and read all the popular classics, especially again in children's.


5. Completely edit and finish my first book and get a good start on book two. As well as work hard on finding an agent, which I know will take quite a while!