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Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl - Jesse Andrews

I did not like Greg Gaines. He's crude, obnoxious and immature. Even more, I hated his friend Earl. I suppose they were supposed to be funny. But for me, it made this book very difficult to finish. 


Greg Gaines is ready for his senior year...because its the last year of high school. He has one friend, Earl and has been okay with that. But then Rachel, a girl in his class gets cancer and his mom forces her to become friends with her. Senior year ends up being nothing like he expected. 


It's very difficult to like a book when you hate the characters. I get what the author is doing here, some people probably find this kind of stuff hysterical. And I do have more appreciation for this type of cancer book than that of TFIOS. But I dunno, just wasn't for me. Give it a try because you never know.