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Modac Book Review

Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived - Ralph Helfer

A good story, but is all of it true? It's probably something I would have to research to find out. Some parts just seemed a little to out there, but I'm not an elephant expert. I did enjoy this one...it doesn't have the best writing - I find most nonfiction books of this type rarely do.


Bram was born on the same day as the elephant, Modac...sometimes called Mosie. They have that special connection and are thrown through tests and experience like no other. From being in the circus, to traveling across seas and surviving brutal gangs in foreign countries.


It is quite an adventurous book, never really a dull moment. I think for that, its a really good book club book. But, I'm keeping an open mind in the credibility and truth behind the entire story.