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Where She Went Book Review

Where She Went - Gayle Forman

Adam frustrated me, Where She Went frustrated me and I loved If I Stay. But I felt like this book could have easily been done in two or three chapters. I did like the ending but felt sorely disappointed by 90% of this book. 


Adam Wilde, a rocker and a well known one. After Mia's accident Adam finds himself on the road with his band, his own written songs now a huge hit. But Mia is gone, off living her dream in Julliard, without a care in the world on what he's doing. When the two run into each other again will their past allow them to connect once again?


This is certainly classified as a New Adult book these days, college and post college aged kids. I just really don't like Adam. Listening to this book made that even more obvious. I think I would have enjoyed this much more if was Mia's side of the story. 


Not a whole lot happens, mostly Adam being fairly depressed and complaining about being a famous rocker wishing Mia was with him. Not overly exciting. It doesn't have the heart that If I Stay has. Definitely worth checking out if you read book one and saw the movie. You'll be left hanging and want to know what happens but Where She Went may not leave you feeling satisfied.