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Tamar Book Review

Tamar: A Novel of Espionage, Passion, and Betrayal - Mal Peet

I definitely had to push my way through this. It's really unnecessarily long. The writing style bothered me quite a bit, short choppy sentences. 


Tamar is a soldier in WWII. Tamar, a young girl years later finds a box left by her grandfather. Hoping to find secrets and discover truths she heads off on a search of discovery. 


Nothing really clicked for me. This goes back and forth through each Tamar's life - WWII Tamar, and a 16 year old girl Tamar. I could really have cared less about each to be honest. 


I suppose I'm of the minority here since it won an award. But, as someone who reads almost every YA and Juvenile WWII story this one didn't live up to the rest.