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Panic Book Review

Panic - Sharon M. Draper

What a boring story about a kidnapped girl. In fact, I found it easy to forget that anyone was kidnapped in the first place. I would have much preferred this one if the author scratched the kidnapping story and focused on the town and side characters - which it did, with them occasionally worrying about said kidnapped girl. 


Diamond, a dancer and a high school student is expecting a regular day at the mall with her friend. But a charming, somewhat older man has her convinced he's having auditions for a big movie. What she doesn't know is that this man has been following her around for some time. 


Going through different POV'S such as Leila, Diamond, Mercedes, and Justin. All dancers, all friends, and all friends of Diamond. Leila was the mos intriguing to me, and much of the story focused on her and her abusive relationship. 


This is one of those books that has more discussion than description. I feel like I have no idea what these characters look like. The language bothered me as well. The author was trying to hard to sound like a teenager. 


Wasn't a fan of the audio book, but I think that has a lot to do with how these characters talked. I wasn't sure if the narrator was trying to make these kids sound like they were in a gang or diva's.