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Wild Book Review

Wild - Alex Mallory

Kind of an odd story. I randomly picked it up off the shelf at the library because the cover and the jacket intrigued me. Not as good as I was hoping - definitely could have been cut in half for it is a rather long book and not that much happens in all four hundred some pages. 


Cade has only known the wild. Believing that a virus killed the human race, his mother and father now dead, he's surviving alone in the woods. But, a girl, Dara and her boyfriend Josh show up and everything changes. Cade is forced into the human life with no clue how to act normally. Dara seem's to be the only one to believe his story. 


Having only seen Tarzan once, I definitely didn't feel the connection to the plots. But that didn't really matter. A lot of it dragged. And again, barely anything happened in 450 pages. The ending annoyed me as well. All that for nothing. 


I suppose people who are obsessed with Tarzan would enjoy this, but its not one of my favorite books out there. Moving on to something else.