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Wil and Whit Book Review

Will & Whit - Laura Lee Gulledge

This was a really bizarre graphic novel and my first young adult one. Have to say I'm not a fan. It was a super fast read but felt a little all over the place. One minute its about a carnival the next about a ginormous storm. 


Will feels like her life is out of control. She's hiding everything that happened from her best friends Autumn and Noel. Following a family tragedy Will tries to plan a fun summer and connect with her friends. 


I actually think this would have been better as a regular novel instead of a graphic novel. There is almost too much packed in the pictures and very short wordings to get a real feel of how these characters, especially Will are feeling. The pictures are all in black and white which I'm definitely not a fan of. I'm looking for bright and colorful pictures when I want to read a graphic novel.