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Paper Things Book Review

Paper Things - Jennifer Richard Jacobson

I ended up enjoying Paper Things more than I thought I would. This 2015 novel certainly has some good things going for it. A story about being homeless, struggling with relationships and brothers as well as typical school angst. It starts off a little all over the place though. 


Ari has been forced to choose between living with her older brother, Gage or her aunt. She, of course chooses her brother. But what she didn't realize was that Gage had lied about having an apartment. The two end up living at friends house, eating at soup kitchens and occasionally sleeping in cars. The only thing constant in Ari's life is making her paper creatures. 


I hated Gage. I was hoping this would be a good brother/sister relationship in a story. But I found Gage to be irresponsible and childish. Just because you don't get along with your aunt doesn't mean you force your 11 year old sister to choose between the two of you. I didn't like that the author barely showed the relationship with the aunt so it felt even more ridiculous that the two just randomly went off on there own. 


But it ended well. Ari is interesting enough for an 11 year old and the story picks up. A lot of it just seemed a little unbelievable.