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Me and Rolly Maloo Book Review

Me and Rolly Maloo - Janet S. Wong, Elizabeth Buttler

It'll be interesting to see how many graphic novels I breeze through this year. Their super fast and very enjoyable. Me and Rolly Maloo is able to deliver a realistic moral value and be rather touching about it at the same time. 


Jenna isn't as popular as Rolly Malooo. But she is smarter. So when Rolly passes a note asking Jenna to give her the answer to a very important math test Jenna feels forced and wants a friend. This one decision can change Jenna's entire school life, and not for the better. 


I really liked this book because it teaches kid not to teach or feel pressured to do something you don't want to just because someone popular asks you to. There are always consequences. An easy to read graphic novel with cute and clever pictures. I am finding, however, that I like the colorful ones more than the black and white.