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The Twin Powers Book Review

The Twin Powers (The Twinning Project) - Robert Lipsyte

A storyline that makes little sense. Nothing fell together nicely in the end. There are entirely two many characters with different POV'S. It was hard to keep track of who was speaking because they were so similar. Apparently its a "stand-a-lone sequel" but definitely not needed to read book one. 


Tom and Eddie are twins that live in different time periods and different worlds. When their worlds are threatened its up to them and their friends to save the day. Of course bullies and aliens stand in the way! 


I think this had a lot of potential and would have even been better with just Eddie and Tom as POV'S. I hated how many characters there were and felt like I had no idea who was who. Not something I would recommend - younger children will most likely be very confused by the plot.