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Isabel's War Book Review

Isabel's War - Lila Perl

An interesting read and a quick one. Not exactly what I was hoping for but it is a good coming of age novel for younger children to read about. 


Isabel's life changes when her brother decides to go off an join the army and a Jewish girl, Helga moves in. Learning of what is really going on in Germany and at the concentration camps Isabel starts to see life in a different way. 


There is quite a twist that I definitely did not see coming. So I definitely appreciated that. Isabel is (supposed to be) an obnoxious 11 year old. But that's the point of the story. 


Again, not a favorite of mine, but something to keep in mind for reader's advisory - a good historical fiction and coming of age juvenile story. I also feel the need to read some more of this author as she apparently has 60 some books out there. Sad to hear of her recent passing away...