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Lover Ensrhined Book Review

Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward

While it took my quite some time to get into book six of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I actually ended up really enjoying this one. The plotline and the war is finally moving forward. We get a real feel of what this family is actually like know that we know most of the brothers. I don't know if I'll ever read the entire nearly 15 book series but for now I'm still interested. 


Phury is the chosen primale for Cormia and the other women in the coven. His destiny has been chosen for him, to be the male in charge of keeping their brotherhood alive. But when getting to know Cormia, feelings arise. And she wants not only his body but his heart as well. 


Thankfully much of this book was shared along with John and Qhuinn's story. We really get to see John progress and learn his past even more so. He became a quick favorite of mine in this book. I really cared less for Phury and Cormia, but thankfully they were hardly a big part of the story. 


I'm interested to see where the author goes after this. We've hit most of the brotherhood. And they all have their Shellen's. I do think its still repetetive with each book. The Lesser's (aka bad guys) being somewhat boring.