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I Was Here Book Review

I Was Here - Gayle Forman

Heartbreaking, gut wrenching, moving. Gayle Forman has managed to create a masterpiece of a story with a topic that needs to be desperately talked about in young adult literature. I read this in one setting and was nearly bawling my eyes out by the end of it.


Meg is dead. The cause, suicide. Her best friend, Cody has been left behind and has no idea what to do. She soon discover's a life that Meg had without her. Boys, friends and a mysterious online suicide support group.


This book frustrated me so much, and appropriately so. The fact that this happens many times in real life is what had me crying. The fact that there are people out there that encourage others to do these awful things. 


Thank you, Forman for making a wonderful book about this topic. It was desperately needed and it was handled beautifully.