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The Nightingale Book Review

The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah

If you were to ask me what book you should read next this is the one I will recommend. Just wow. Talk about a powerful story. The writing is stunning. The characters are beautiful and relatable. I cried several times in the end. And loved every single minute of this book. Not once was I bored, I kept wanting to continue but at the same time its the type of book you never want to end. Just stunning.


We start off in 1955, an elderly woman is moving into an assisted living home thanks to her sons persistent behavior. Then flash back to the 1940's during World War II. Vianne is living in an occupied France trying to do everything she can to keep her daughter Sophie safe. Her younger sister, Isabelle at age 18 is head strong and wants to do anything she can to fight off the Germans.


This book has everything, romance, despair, family relationships, powerful back stories and most of all heartbreak. I think, to me, the most heartbreaking part of this story is that children were forced to live with other families, change their identities and never remember who they originally were in the beginning. All because they were Jewish.


I have read many World War II stories, from children to young adult to adult. I thought last year listening to, Code Name Verity, I had found my favorite of them all. But I think The Nightingale may have upped it. It is in its utmost prime, a story of survival. What these characters had to go through just to survive living at home and being overcome by Nazi's.


This is my first Kristin Hannah book but certainly not my last. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful, powerful story of two insanely strong woman living during one of the most horrific events in history.