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Pure Book Review

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout

It's not my favorite by Armentrout but its a series that's growing on me. Similar to Lux, which took me to book three to become addicted. I don't think this one is as well written or as original. But I like her style enough to continue.


Alex is living is dealing with the aftermath of her kidnapping and her evil mother's revelation from the first book. Things with Seth and Aidan become more complicated. And worst of all the Daimon's are becoming stronger and more persistent than ever putting everyone at risk.


I can't decide if I like Aidan or Seth more, so have to give props to Armentrout for that. She writes her men so likable. And her enemy's the opposite. I have a feeling this series will really grow on me in the next few books. I'm always excited to read more by this author and it helps that she has so many books out there. Fans of Armentrout will definitely fall for this series and its juicy scenes and paranormal elements!