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El Deafo Book Review

El Deafo - Cece Bell

I may have to read more Cece Bell books because I certainly loved and connected a lot to this one. I am severely deaf and do have hearing aids. So reading about a child growing up having to deal with this change was very relatable. I thought it was done very well, in a humorous but extremely smart way.


Cece was deaf when she left the hospital. Then starts the hearing aids and a large one around her neck. When she starts a new school its even more difficult, the super aid allows her to hear her teacher anywhere in the school! Almost like a super hero. But kids still make fun of her and she has a hard time making friends.


The pictures are beautiful in this graphic novel. I loved how colorful and bright they were. The words are well placed and very easy to follow. Superbly done.


El Deafo is a great book for the Every Hero has a Story summer reading theme. Every public library doing this theme should definitely think about having this book in their collection!