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Fiffty Shades Freed Book Review

Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James

Fifty Shades Freed had some really great parts but also some really terrible ones. 80 percent of it felt boring and way too long for me - especially listening to it. It easily could be cut in half and really isn't necessary as a 400 plus page book.


Ana and Christian's relationship continues to grow. Christian's background comes to light when Jack Hyde decides to go after the two after being fired. Now a married couple Ana and Christian face dilemma's and hardships as well as ever growing feelings for one another.


I did enjoy this more than not. But most of the beginning felt like it dragged on. Jack Hyde's scenario was fantastic and I was very impressed that James was able to make it into a thriller for a little bit. I just wish more of the book focused on that side of the storyline rather than boring trips and escapades.


This relationship is an interesting one. But Ana constantly says the dumbest things including with how she works with her job. I hated listening to the constant e-mails they sent back to one anther and fast forwarded through those several times. The sex scenes would be more interesting if they were well written.


Spoiler: Who the heck names their unborn baby, Little Blip. I rolled my eyes every single time this happened. Seriously.


In the end this trilogy ends up being a bit of an unrealistic romance - rushed marriage, rushed pregnancy, and angst galore. But, I was a bit hooked on it and will probably watch the movies when they come out on DVD. Overall I'm glad I got around to reading them but can't give them more than a 2.5 overall rating because they could be so much better - especially the writing.