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Rule of Three Book Review

The Rule of Three - Eric Walters

This book has become a little bit more realistic for me after watching the riots and the aftermath in my city, Baltimore, Maryland. It doesn't take much for things to to hell. And The Rule of Three definitely describes that fairly well. 


Three weeks. That's what it takes for the world to change. Three weeks without power and Adam Dalyey's life has turned to fear and survival. What is first thought as a simple power outage turns into much more. Riots and clans fighting against one another Adam and his family and friends must do what it takes to survive. 


A very fast paced action post-apocalyptic novels that I'll easily recommend to teenage boys. There isn't a whole lot of character development and very little besides action. Not my favorite book out there but it does get its point across. 


The ending is quite abrupt as well but I'm interested enough to read the second.