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Rush Book Review

Rush - Maya Banks

One of those books that I have very mixed feelings for. Erotica isn't exactly my cup of tea and I definitely skipped through some scenes, felt unnecessary and really didn't need to listen to it. Those who've read this series probably know what I'm talking about. 


Gabe, Jace, and Ash have been a big part of Mia's life. Jace her big brother, Ash a surrogate brother and Gabe the one she's crushed on since she was a teenager. Little did she know Gabe feels the same. But the relationship he wants is not the kind she expected. His come with a contract and specific rules. Little did she know its the type she wants as well. 


I really do like all of the characters. It's what kept me invested enough to keep listening. There's a little too much hard core erotica for me. Even more so than Fifty Shades. But this time around its a least a well written book. 


The ending is extremely cheesy and that of a typical romance - left me a bit annoyed but at the same time made me smile. 


Those a fan of this genre and Fifty Shades should check out Maya Banks. Because I'm invested in the characters enough to read the next one. We'll see if I like Jace and Ash as much as Gabe.