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Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Book Review

Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from a Medieval Village - Laura Amy Schlitz, Robert Byrd

A great production of an audiobook. Different voices for each character, really fun music in between each monologue and a cool vibe when the monologue contained more than one character. The book itself didn't do much for me, but I'd easily give the audio a five star rating. 


Different characters from noble to street merchants have small short monologues written in play format. A librarian gives her students the chance to have a starring role in a play, unlike what you'll find in that of Shakespeare. 


Not very memorable for me and I already find myself forgetting half the characters. I think younger children that are into poetry will really enjoy reading about the Medieval times (which I know next to nothing about). I'd recommend the audio book for this one! Lots of fun!