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Love the One You're With Book Review

Love the One You're With - Emily Giffin

I love Emily Giffin but this was my least favorite of her's. It's short, thankfully, but really not the greatest plot line out there. The main character comes of a little obnoxious to me, which is unusual for Giffin's books. Definitely disappointed. 


Ellen has been married to her best friend's brother for several years now. Its the perfect marriage and she's happy living in their New York apartment. But then she see's her ex-boyfriend, Leo, and old feelings start to arise. She can't help but keep seeing him and wonder which man she really loves. 


Bleh, this book is pretty much about a wife that has a wonderful husband but goes back to the jerk of an ex-boyfriend just because he's a bit of a rebel. Not a fan. If I was Andy I would have been much more upset with Ellen than he really was in the book. What she did was not right and shouldn't be. 


So, I suppose my overall feeling to this book is frustration. Dumb characters doing silly things. The only good thing was that the plot didn't stretch and last forever.