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The Knife of Never Letting Go Book Review

The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness

I've only read one other Patrick Ness book, A Monster Calls and I really loved that one so I had high hopes for this book. To be honest I hated it most of the first half. The characters came off obnoxious and the plot-line was just weird for me, I mean talking dogs? But it grew on me, the narrator really helped as well, he pulled it off very well. 


Prentistown isn't like other towns in New World, there are only men. No woman. When Todd suddenly has to leave and cross the swamp he meets Lila, an actual girl. With the Prentistown army after them and their noise (aka thoughts) loud and clear Lila and Todd have to be more careful then ever and do whatever they can to get to Haven. 


It's certainly a bizarre book. The writing style isn't my favorite either. But as I said it grew on me, I ended up really liking the characters by the last chapter. Ness can really make you feel for them. There are some sudden deaths that makes it even harder. And man, talk about a cliffhanger, definitely ready to read the next one.