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The Perfect Play Book Review

The Perfect Play - Jaci Burton

Man, I sometimes wonder how books get published. This unfortunately is one of those. The writing isn't great and the sex scenes were so badly written they were laughable. While I was able to get through it quickly I can't say I really enjoyed it...


Mick is the quarterback of an NFL team. He's focused on the game and not much else. That changes when he meets Tara at a celebration party. She's the event planner and he quickly finds that the two get along great. There is chemistry. But, Liz, his agent and the fact that Tara has a teenaged son makes things complicated.


I wanted a fun sports romance out of this and I didn't really get that. Sure he plays football and they go to some games. But the rest dragged. A little too much insta-love for me as they hit it off at first glance, it's a romance but still? And did I mention the writing?