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Slayers Book Review

Slayers  - C.J. Hill, Janette Rallison

Unfortunately, The Slayers is one I'll easily forget in a few months time. For a book that is supposed to be about dragons it drags. The dragons are barely in it and we spend most of the book focused on Tori and her new powers as well as her going back and forth on whether or not she was going to stay at this camp and learn to fight. I wanted more action. 


Tori heads to summer camp. What she doesn't know is that its a camp for dragon slayers - to learn to kill and defeat the dragons. She meets the other slayers and quickly learns what special powers she has. But are they enough to stop the dragons?


Not exciting enough for me. Maybe the second one is better since the plot line moved by the end of the book. Tori isn't one of my favorite characters and that's usually part of the problem when books do not stick out for me. I may read the second one just to see if the dragons play more of a part. 


The other thing that bothered me with this book was the reasoning behind some things. Like why D.C. wouldn't go after the dragons with missiles? Yea, not totally realistic. 


It saddens me that I still haven't found as good of a dragon series as The Inheritance series. I'm thinking at this point I never will.