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After the End Book Review

After the End - Amy Plum

Well, After the End pleasantly surprised me. I wasn't a fan of it until half way through when I started to really fall in love with the two main characters of this book. It's definitely more about characterization than plot. But they're great characters. 


Juneau has lived with her clan in Denali, Alaska for her entire life. She's only known 46 people. Has grown up using the power of the Yara and believing that the rest of the world was destroyed in World War III. But then her clan is kidnapped and she discovers that the world is still there along with a boy her age, Miles. The two meet up and work together to find their clan even though Miles thinks she is crazy and Juneau know's she can't fully trust him. 


Juneau is a fantastic character. After the End is much more about her finding her way into the world then a post apocalyptic type adventure. And because of that some people may find it a bit boring. It's a little slow throughout and focuses a lot on a road trip Miles and Juneau find themselves on. But, I personally loved these two together. 


And talk about a cliffhanger. My one complaint would be that this book is too short and nothing was solved. Guess I will be reading (or listening to) the next one!