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A Real Guide to Really Getting it Together Book Review

A Real Guide to Really Getting It Together Once and for All: (Really) - Ashley Rickards

I don't read a whole lot of self helps, I did read Lea Michelle's which is very similar to Ashley Rickards here. I am comparing, but I liked Michelle's more. She's an overall better writer and was able to condense a bit so it didn't feel too long. But, I did also enjoy Rickard's. She's funny, upbeat and a great role model for teens. 


Ahsley Rickard's, the star of MTV'S Awkward, gives various tips, suggestions, helpful advice on more in everything that a girl could want to read about. Area's include, organizing your room, relationships, hair and makeup, and so forth. 


The book did seem a bit preachy for me, but that's probably because I'm a little too old for it. I'm surprised my library has it cataloged in adult, for I think its one that has a much more impact on teens than anything. I'm definitely going to read more of these in the future because they do make me feel better and want to succeed more in life.