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Wicked Book Review

Wicked - Jennifer L. Armentrout

MMHMMMM... Well, this was HOT. As per usual by Jennifer L. Armentrout Loved it of course. Very fast paced and hard to put down. I'm not a fan of most New Adult books, usually they're too depressing or angsty for me, but I've loved all of Armentrout's especially since this has that wonderful paranormal mix. 


Ivy has lost everything, her parents are dead, her boyfriend is dead and even her foster parents are gone. All she has to live for is the order. Even then she hesitates to get close to anything. So she sticks to her job, kill the Fae and protect New Orleans and the rest of the world. But then Ren comes around gorgeous, obnoxious Ren. Things get messy, the apocalypse could come and Ivy has to decide if she wants to get close to someone again...


There is just something about Armentrout's humorous writing that I LOVE. Ren isn't my favorite of her character's but he did grow on me and I imagine he will even more in this trilogy. The ending was predictable for me, but I didn't mind that. I can't wait to read the next one, but it looks like the publication date was pushed back until summer of '16? Sigh....