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The Ask and the Answer Book Review

The Ask and the Answer - Patrick Ness

This is slowly becoming one of my favorite young adult series and I was not expecting it to...at all. Like the first one it took me a while to get into The Ask and the Answer, but once I did, man, I really really did. It's powerful, heartbreaking, heart pounding and full of incredibly strong themes throughout. Patrick Ness has it all. 


*Spoilers for book one* 


Todd and Violia have found Haven. But its not what they wanted in the least. Mayor Prentiss is now President Prentiss and the two are forcefully seperated trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong. Then the bombs start and the two must decide whose side they are really on. Do they even trust each other fully enough?


Brutal, brutal. brutal. I went from hating characters to feeling sorry for them and almost liking them. The unimaginable happens to those that are known as Spackle and even the women are treated like slaves. Think genocide in WWII. This is a harsh and eye opening young adult series that really nails it on the head. 


Looking forward to seeing how it all ends. The audiobooks have been excellent for the first two but it looks like I'll be unable to listen to the third so we'll see if I enjoy it as much sitting down to read it.