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Illuminae Book Review

Illuminae - Jay Kristoff, Amie Kaufman

I think Illuminae is hands down the best young adult science fiction I have read to date. Just wow. It's so different and unlike anything written in the genre. And that's saying something. The characters, the plotline, the unique way the story is written. It's all pretty much brilliant. Come October this book is going to be BIG. I can't wait until everyone gets to read it. Because I have a feeling you will fall in love with it. 


Kady Grant has just broken up with her boyfriend Ezra Mason. And then everything goes to hell. Nearly three hours later their world, Kerenza is attacked and the two are forced onto two different space shuttles. With a deadly virus being leaked and the enemy on their tale.


Also the best romance in science fiction I've read in a long time, snarky characters that kick ass, a story told through messages, logs, and classified government documents, pictures and images throughout. Illuminae is unlike any book you have read, I can guarantee it. You'll hate characters and love them at the same time. 


It's 600 pages long but doesn't feel like it. Every minute is action packed and really makes you feel - I very nearly cried several times throughout. Wow, wow, wow.  


*I received this arc from publishing company visiting my library*