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The Fixer Book Review

The Fixer - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I didn't enjoy this as much as The Naturals series but it is a fun book. And it looks there is going to be another one because not everything was fully solved by the end. I'm really liking these thrillers because I don't read much of them and I think YA needs more of them.


Tess has been living with her ill grandfather for several years now. But that changes when her older sister, Ivy forces her to move to D.C. with her. Ivy, who works for the government. Tess is thrown into government conspiracies going to a high school where everyone's parents are involved with high government. A murder, a mystery and a threat has Tess wondering what the heck her sister really does for the government.


Twists, action and a heart pounding book. I didn't see the ending coming that's for sure. Looking forward to what's to come in the next one.