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Monsters of Men Book Review

Monsters of Men - Patrick Ness

I definitely LOVED this series as a whole. The themes are so powerful and my heart broke a million times throughout. That being said, I'm so conflicted over the ending. Just...that's it? I guess I want more because this series is so good. 


*Spoilers for book one and two*


An all out war begins between Mayor Prentiss, the Spackle and Mistress Coyle. Todd and Viola once again find themselves on either side of the war. This time, Violia's people and their ships have arrived. The fights begin and Todd and Viola continue to do whatever they can to keep the other alive. 


Whew, its definitely a long drawn out war in book three. I was never bored. So much happens throughout. And ugh, can we talk about Mayor Prentiss? I have never hated anyone more in a book. Thank goodness he didn't redeem himself (like I said, strong themes!). 


The only complaint I have about this series is the relationship between Todd and Viola does get a bit obnoxious at times. They're constant whining about not being able to see one another and the ever growing circle of them crying and worrying about one or the other being dead. 


Other than that, this series is pretty much perfect. And its so underrated. I will definitely be recommending this series like crazy and am already going to have my brother read it.