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Lisel and Po Book Review

Liesl & Po - Lauren Oliver

What an odd little story and not at all what I expected from Lauren Oliver. It just seems so out of her normal writing style. I can't decide if I liked it or not. It's a fun and lovingly ghost story about magic and loss but not a whole lot happens and I'd probably recommend this for younger reader's looking for this type of book. It's definitely a children's book and not a young adult like Oliver's other books. 


Lisel has been locked in her attic by her evil step-mother. Her only friend is a ghost from the other side, Po. Only she can see him. She has one wish, for her father's ashes to be spread where he asked. 


A big part of why I did like this was because I listened to the audio and Jim Dale is the narrator and he does it so well (of course) A really perfect fit for this type of book that I have to recommend you listen to this one!