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The Devil You Know Book Review

The Devil You Know - Trish Doller

I don't know if I've hated a prognostic more than the one in The Devil You Know. The only reason she ends up in a ridiculous scenario is because she's so naive and dumb. I mean going on a road trip by yourself with two strange boys. Okay....


Arcadia needs to get out of her house. Ever since her mom died her dad hasn't been all there and its been up to her to take care of her little brother. But then the opportunity arises for her to go on a road trip with two good looking boys, Matt and Noah. Two boys she's just met. Things are all fun and games until she finds the gun...


Sounds really intriguing. I certainly thought so when I read the cover slip. And I suppose it did keep me interested the entire time I just find it hard to believe someone is so naive a Arcadia. Also, the love triangle was really bland. 


That being said, I can see a teen looking for a quick thriller enjoying this type of book. So I'll be keeping it in mind for that.