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The Ruining Book Review

The Ruining - Anna Collomore

Sigh, I was ready to give The Ruining four stars. But the ending was so disappointing I can't bring myself to do it. A creepy, intense thriller that is very different from what I usually read. I was instantly hooked from the beginning. It ended up being predictable, with another incredible naive protagonist. Seriously, teens aren't that dumb.


Annie Phillips is leaving her crappy home life behind and heading to nanny for a family on Belvedire Island while start her college career. She thinks the Cohen's have the perfect family and only wants to do what she can to impress Libby and Walker. But quickly Libby starts to watch her every move and control her life. She can't help but feel like she starting to turn insane. 


First of all, Annie found this family ONLINE. Big no right there. I get that she wanted to do everything she could to get away from home. But to live and work for a bunch of strangers. Hm? She deserves what she got. She's incredibly naive and makes a thousand excuses for this crazy ass family. 


Then the ending felt very rushed and incredible unrealistic. Which is mainly why it disappointed me. I did love her writing and slow build up. But with things quickly falling down hill in the end I find myself not loving this one as much as I'd hope I would.