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Holding Strong Book Review

Holding Strong - Lori Foster

I definitely liked the first one of this series more. But, I still enjoyed this new Lori Foster book. She's really great at writing a fast paced romance with lots of angst. The characters weren't as great as the first one and I think it could have easily been cut in half as its a fairly long one. 


Cherry is seen as a flirt but with a backstory like hers she's been on edge for so long. And when a certain foe of her past comes back to haunt her she feels like she's relieving her childhood all over again. And then there's Denver, part of the MMA fighters and one she's always crushed on. After an unforgettable night Denver soon learns of her past and will do everything he can to protect her. 


Foster can certainly write characters you hate, A LOT. I certainly hated Cherry's foster brothers and can't believe someone would be as awful as they were to Cherry. But I loved Denver as much as the other MMA fighters and can't wait to read about the rest of them! Definitely one of my favorite adult romance series.