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Open Road Summer Book Review

Open Road Summer - Emery Lord

Well, I really really enjoyed this at first. But, the first half of Open Road Summer is much better than the second half. I liked the friendship aspect much more than the relationship parts, wish it had just stuck to a book about a famous young singer and her best friend on a road trip touring, no boyfriend necessary.


Dee and Reagan have been best friends forever. And now, Dee (Lilah Montgomery to the rest of the world) are on a road trip touring for the summer. From cities like Nashville, Baltimore, and Charleston. The two are living their dream. But, Dee is trying to clean up her act from her previous life. Then along comes Matt Finch, Dee's old friend. And what are those feelings she suddenly has for him?


I really did enjoy most of this book. Its very well written and fairly well paced. I also loved the strong friendship between Dee and Reagan that I feel like we do not get enough of in YA. But, like I said, it then became focused on Matt Finch. Whom I liked but not as much as everything else going on.


A cute contemporary and different from my normal read, so it was a breath of fresh air. Also a gorgeous cover! Fans of Stephanie Perkins, Sarah Dessen and Maureen Johnson will probably enjoy this one!