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99 Days Book Review

99 Days - Katie Cotugno

Ugh. I have never hated the main characters more in a book than in 99 Days. And I'm honestly trying to decide if I hate Molly, Patrick, Julia or Gabe the most. And, the sad part is the author tried to make us sympathize with a bunch of teenagers who do awful things to each other and a protagonist who cheats with two brothers. 


Molly is back for the summer and wants to be anywhere but home. After her mom's book came out and her secret with it all of Molly's friends now hate her. Because she cheated on Patrick with his brother Gabe. 


This actually didn't start off too terribly and I was able to get through the beginning pretty quickly. But everyone became more horrible to one another the further the plot line moved along. The fact that two brothers would do this to one another? I think that's what bothered me the most about this book. Not to mention a mother who writes about her daughters secret relationship in a bestseller. Big NO. 


Some may enjoy 99 Days, for its not terribly written or anything. It is different than our typical contemporary YA. I just can't get passed how awful everyone is in this story and would not personally recommend it.