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Ruthless Book Review

Ruthless - Carolyn Lee Adams

A well written fast paced, cunningly thriller by this debut author. I'm definitely impressed that this is a first book. Its clear Carolyn Adams has writing skills. I could easily imagine what Ruth was feeling throughout the book and even liked a character throughout that we didn't get to meet throughout most of the book. So big props there. 


Ruth wakes up in the back of a truck with no clue where she is and no idea who has taken her. But she refuses to show fear, she's Ruthless after all. 


I liked Ruth. She's determined, unwittingly brave, and will do whatever it takes to survive, no matter what. And we can see from her life before being kidnapped she's one of those girls that did not except help from anyone, even her best friend Caleb. 


What I didn't like was the fact that most of this book is description after description with very little conversation. Yes, I was pretty hooked from start to finish. I just need a bit more conversation going to thoroughly enjoy it.