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The Boy Most Likely To - Huntley Fitzpatrick

Hmmm....so, so disappointing. This is actually one of my most anticipating reads this year as I adored The Boy Next Door. But I honestly just can't even finish The Boy Most Likely To. 


I'm not enjoying the storyline at all. The switch between characters is annoying, especially since the characters plot barely coexist - they're going to have a big relationship in the end when they've barely spent any time together. Not to mention I can't stand our male protagonist, Tim. Kind of want to slap him. 


Spoilers here. And pregnancy? Teen pregnancy stories are never my favorite. In fact, I don't think I've ever read one. But It's completely obvious where this is going to go...and if Tim had any brains at all (he doesn't) he'd know from the beginning. Its really just a way for this author to draw out this fairly long, hate to say it, poorly written teenage angst story. 


Maybe its your thing, but I've never been more disappointed in an author with an anticipated release....oh well.