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The Orphan Queen Book Review

The Orphan Queen - Jodi Meadows

I don't read a whole lot of fantasy as I feel like there are more science fiction/dystopians out there now-a-days. And because of that I really enjoyed this one. I read it on Sunday on my day off and can't wait for the next one - because, cliffhanger! 


Will has been in hiding ever since her parents were murdered on that faithful night. She is the former heir and is ready to take back her homeland. So when the opportunity strikes, her and her group form a plan to disguise herself as a Lady Julianne to spy on those who killed her parents. What she didn't expect was to find the Black Knife and have her magical powers be found out. 


This was fun. Its not the most original plot line out there but its well written and fast paced. Which I liked. Will is a fun protagonist to read about and I loved the relationship between her and the other Osprey's, including Peter and Melanie. I was also surprised by who the Black Knife ended being. 


Another fun YA series to get into. We'll see if the second one lives up to the first.